Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guess What

Mt. Sherman - the route to the saddle is behind the mine structure on the left. The flat summit, to the right, levels off at 14,036'. (July 08)

Mt. Democrat - 14,148'. (July '08)

Old mine structure near the saddle between Democrat and Cameron (at 13,400')

I spent the next year after I made the earlier posts, walking regularly with Susan and cutting out ice cream, etc., and came back to Colorado at age 62 in better shape than ever. I climbed Mt. Sherman in a raging snowstorm with little difficulty other than not being able to see more than 30 feet after I got to the saddle, and two days later went up Democrat without even puffing. New, but well broken in, Keen boots helped too. The first picture shows the route up Sherman, and the ones in the sunshine are Democrat. The last ones area well deserved micro-brew at the Breckenridge Brewing Co after the Mt. Sherman Climb and a great maple ale at the Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs the day after climbing Mt. Democrat.